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Our extensive industry expertise can help you to control the work and reshape your enterprise

MIT’ technology domain expertise ranges from emerging technologies to mainframe legacy systems based on the requirements of our clients.

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MIT’ customized solutions and products today have been inventing the future across geographies and across domains.

IT Services of MIT offer a distinctive value proposition as a premier supplier of services with diverse capabilities which are fine tuned for the industry and ideal for large engagements


we believe that any new relationship with a customer opens up a world of endless possibilities and opportunities to reinvent.

We recognize the true nature and size of your business challenges. We see every challenge or question that comes our way as life’s little ways of reminding us, rather reaffirming that we have in us, what it takes to face it. A relationship with an able and confident partner as MIT is the best gift that you can give your business.

Accelerate profitable growth in developed and emerging markets .

MIT helping customers to build Reliable Supply Chain Networks in the world

We are Hiring the Best Talents

  • Gaurav Gupta Project Lead

    "MIT is a great place to work with high values of people.People here are very open minded,helping nature,intellectual and always ready to share their ideas and thoughts.Company's objective is to grow with it's employees.Personally MIT gave my existence back in this Industry."

  • Bharathi Padma B Solution Architect

    I have been with Muraai as Solution Architect from the day it started its operations and would describe it as work mixed with loads of fun and challenges. The company is on a fast track journey into its future and has unlimited potential for future development. We are seeing some very exciting times, catering to new customers along with old satisfied ones. It is amazing to be a part of something that is adapting, restructuring and evolving into a giant. Muraai also makes strides to care about us as individuals.
    I have had lot of opportunities to learn and build my experience. Murrai has helped me to improve and expand my technical skill set. Supportive management has provided opportunities to lead projects and develop my leadership skills.
    I wish Muraai all the best for the future endeavors.

  • Sumit Gupta Consultant

    "Muraai Information Technology(MIT) has provided me the opportunity to leverage what I learned till now and apply it to real business problems to design and develop solutions. I chose software consulting in order to have the ability to work out solutions for a wide range of businesses and their functions and have a more diversified experience. At MIT, I get to do this and I love that. I regularly keep myself up to date with the upcoming software technologies and suggest something new based on that. The fact that I am getting heard and appreciated for my efforts keeps me motivated towards the same.
    The people at MIT are very collaborative and supportive so we get enough time to pick up with the work. At MIT, there are regular knowledge sharing sessions. Apart from work, this company does look for a work life balance which is really helping in morale boost. MIT is a great place to work for people looking for professional growth in their career."

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“We provide clients with access to the latest and most relevant technology to solve problems and accelerate their business”